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Publikuota: the grey line around the moon

Youre all on your own

Youre all on your own
and again, like water will flow
shiny wheels, blackened leather
sharp as an arrow lighty as feather
you cross the night shadows
with your engine red-hot
and you feel like your neck in the gallows
you almost feel like
the rope tightens for sure
but here is no sore
and you make it „full throttle”
and unleash the power
the power of rush in your bloodflow
the big ball

watch as the birds claim their homes
as woods cut down long time ago
grow again, the mighty oak trees
within one night, all roads become
only a narrow path from this
to the underworld above

where giants of clouds destroy
the castles of glass, steel,
of plastic and reinforced concrete
trees of crystal and iron,
cut by the axes of wind

wounds on the earth, holes in the sky
will be sewed by thy needles of ice
with the treads of the streams
knit with the yarns of the branches of trees
Thermonuclear paranoia

as i feel the war to come
an apocalypse of this world
i see all the living things
to turn into ashes and burn
and i see earth turn to rock
and rivers of molten sand flow
i now gaze that the begining
of end has just begun

and before the desolation
there will be arrays of shells
depleted uranium hell
everything that you will see
will instantly turn you insane
as you see the murshroomhead cloud
before the wave of hot air
makes your body into a flame
and all that is left from you
is the radioactive shade

it’s better to turn now insane
than to wait your hair turn to grey

as you turn back to ashes
the only thing you wont feel
is the horrible pain
that will strike down those who see
their loved ones rippen apart
by the thermonuclear holocaust

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